Monday, February 25, 2013

The Joy of Seed Catalogs

Seed catalogs begin arriving in late December. I often put them aside until late January or early February, then take them out and begin dreaming of all the gorgeous vegetables and flowers I will sow, plant and harvest!

I received this Rose Is Rose comic strip in my email today. It seems especially appropriate this year with all the snow (30" alone from the blizzard) and frigid temperatures we have had. Will the days of shorts, warm sunshine, birds singing, and green grass return?

I have selected what I would like to purchase, now I need to discuss the list with my husband, who will help me pare it down a bit. I'm always overly optimistic about how much I can plant and maintain!

What will you planting in your garden this year?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wild Roses - A Poem

Reading Ann Somerset Miles' blog post for today, Weather Sequence, I was reminded of a poem I wrote in 2009.  If you appreciate poetry, especially about gardening, you will thoroughly enjoy Ann's work. I encourage you to look at her work. (Click on the link above.)

This poem was written as part of a poetry swap I participated in through the Papermaking Yahoo Group. The criteria was to write an original poem and print it onto your own handmade paper.

copyright 2009 Susan Ernst