Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Blues

Caught in the "artic vortex" like a large part of the country, I don't want to be outside longer than I have to. Right now it is 11 degrees Fahrenheit but the sun is brightly shining! Second day in a row now, thank God. It had been snowing, cloudy and raining the past week. I was experiencing the winter blues and cabin fever. Having sunshine back has helped a lot.
I came across this posted on Pinterest yesterday. It is so true!!
I like to tell myself that winter in New England is a great time to take care of all the indoor chores and projects that get ignored during the warmer months. I just can't get as excited about that as I can about planting seeds in the spring, watering all summer and harvesting in the fall.

I am blessed to have a wonderful view outside the back windows of our house. It is therapy to watch the many birds that come to my feeders, visit the wild berries growing in the woods or that stop in for a visit to the pond.

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