Monday, October 27, 2014

The Farewell Ball

The Farewell Ball
A Poem
by Susan Ernst

It is that Golden time of year
The maples, birches and sassafras
are dressed in their glowing gowns
of crimson, gold, russet
For the farewell ball.
I will miss these friends
who have been my companions,
who have surrounded me and
welcomed me in
Who created a sanctuary for me

Though they are gone,
   I am not alone
Now I can easily see the
birds among the naked branches
Bluejays, sparrows, finches.
They too miss the sanctuary, the protection and
loving embrace of the trees.

We will keep each other company,
encourage each other,
remind one another that
although the days are dark and gray,
Life will return again.
We will not despair.
We will sing together
and eagerly await
the Green and Golden
Days ahead.

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