Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Last Frost Should Be Past - Time to Plant the Tomatoes!

Spent most of today planting, sowing, transplanting, weeding and watering. Here's a summary:

  • transplanted mustard seedling "volunteers" from the asparagus bed to the iris/cut flower bed. I like the contrast of leaf colors.

  • planted snapdragons in the cut flower bed.
  • planted orange marigolds in the natural dyes section of the hortus conclusus as well as around the broccoli/brussels sprouts and lettuce seedlings.

  • transplanted 18 tomato plants (3 of 6 varieties) I started from seed. Covered them with my homemade "cloches" to keep them warm and growing (they had been in a cold frame). 

The lettuces and broccoli plants are maturing nicely.

I really like how there are plants ready to bloom as others begin to fade. Here the tulips are waning, the alpine strawberries are in bloom and chive blossoms are about to burst. The butterflies and bees appreciate this succession planting too!


  1. It all looks beautiful, Susan! Especially the last photo with all the different blossoms. I would eat everything in your garden except the brussels...ew :)

    1. Hi Anne,
      I don't like brussels sprouts either but I read that straight from the garden, after a few cool nights in late summer, they are delicious and not bitter. I have experienced the difference between fresh picked and store bought broccoli - fresh picked can actually be described as "sweet". So thought I'd try the sprouts this year.

  2. Beautiful garden, Susan! I am about to plant my garden this week-- I think I will finally have a few raised beds and a fence ready to go. Is it too late to put lettuce seeds in? I love brussel sprouts-- roasted in the oven with just a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. You have inspired me!!

    1. Hi Julie, I'm glad you are here! The lettuce I planted in March is ready to be harvested. I bought those as seedlings when I saw them at Agway. I also sowed lettuce seeds,along with spinach and mustard seeds, a few weeks ago and plan to sow a small area every two weeks for a continuous harvest of baby greens. Your brussels sprouts recipe sounds great! I will try it when the time comes. Can't wait to see your garden!


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