Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Monthly Garden Photos - May

 The house has windows with fixed screens so we take them out in autumn to allow more sunlight to stream in during the winter months. The first few months of these monthly shots were taken from an upstairs window before the screen was put in for the spring/summer. This month I have had to shift positions a bit but you should still be able to see the comparisons.

Hortus Conclusus and the Family Pond 
View from Kitchen Window - no screen

outside Hortus Conclusus facing South
Tulips, lettuces, cilantro and broccoli growing to

Outside Wisteria Studios, My Papermaking Workshop
 Some progress. Moved the bench outside. All of the herbs and Creeping Jenny survived. Not sure if you can see them all growing yet. The Wisteria is beginning to leaf out.
Morning Glory seeds were sown in the pots and will cover the wall as the season progresses. Geraniums, petunias and other colorful annuals will be purchased and planted this week.

Birdbath in the Perennial Border

The Privet hedge has leafed out. The perennials are getting larger.

View of Perennial Border with Wisteria Studios and my husband's workshop in the background


  1. Oh Susan, it is all so lovely! I can't wait to watch how it fills in during the summer :)

    1. thanks Anne! It is so good to see green again!

  2. I love the yellows and the yellow green. Your garden gives hopeand inspiration.


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